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Rara Human and Environmental Resources Development Initiative ( RHERI), Banke

Establish                                : 2057 /04 /30

Address                                 : Baijanath ,1 Chisapani, Banke

Contract No.                          : 081-401022

Contact Person                    : Punit Bikram Shah : 9858020898

Email Address                      : rheri.banke@gmail.com

Website                                 : www.rheri.org

  • Philosophical Vision : Creating inclusive rural communities that empower disadvantaged group and individuals through a rights based approach to development.
  • Mission Objectives :  RHERI being critical resources, skills, and organizational assets to weak and marginal groups such as women, low cast people, disable children and conflict victims to help them become economically self-sufficient and socially valued members of society.
  • Working Strategy : The Changing assets and needs of the community are identified and prioritized in close collaboration with the local people. The local initiatives in the social, economic and environmental fields are implemented by mobilizing local resources and linking them with compatible programs and resources of government agencies and non government organization. RHERI adopts a participatory approach at all levels of needs identification, project planning, implementation and evaluation to achieve its strategy objectives of building the capacity of the local people for self-help and organization. As an organization that grew by assisting a community in transition. RHERI’s working strategy is characterized by deep knowledge of the local context and sensitive and innovative approach to program management.