Program Budget Year Project area Donor Agencies
Environment Conservation (Street drama and Nepali Folk music competition of environmental conservation) 265,390.00 2004-2008 Buffer Zone of Bardiya National Park WWF
Laboratory Establishment in Chispani Health Post in Banke District for Tuberculosis Examination and Treatment 1,96378:00 Feb 2009 Chispani, Banke WWF
Disable Empowerment through Sign Language  459,965.00 2005  8 VDCs of Banke Action Aid Nepal
Conflict Management and Livelihood Security 711,000.00 2004 4 VDCs of Bardiya district Action Aid Nepal
Community Development and Empowerment 571,500.00 2005 Banke NPLAP
Sports Program for Child Development       269,200.00 2004-2007 Participation of the six districts of  mid-west region Plan Nepal/ Save the children Norway/UNICEF
Vehicle Support to Carry Deaf Children from home to school-home 1,650,000.00 2007 Chisapani, Banke KCF, UK
Deaf school building Support 8,40,890 2003 Chisapani, Banke Action Aid Nepal/NPLAP/RRN/CFUG
Relief Distribution to the Flood Victims 2,50000:00 2007 2 VDCs of Bardiya Rotary Club of Himalayan Gurkhas
Disaster Rehabilitation and Relief Program 14,28,000.00 2007 4 VDCs of Bardiya district Action Aid/Austcare
Deaf Empowerment Program  400,000.00 2007 8 VDCs of Banke district Action/Aid Nepal
Creating Enabling Environment for Deaf Children and Youth 1,154,000.00 2008-2009 Banke and Bardiya district Deaf Child Worldwide, UK
Rehabilitation of Fire Victims 10,00000/- 2008 Kalafanta VDC of Banke district KCF, UK
Emergency and Disaster Management Project 1,69,500/- 2008-2009 2 VDCs of Bardiya Action Aid
Income Generation for Conflict Victim in Nepal Project 48,37,886 2009 6 VDCs of Bardiya district KCF, UK
Supporting for participatory constitution building in Nepal (SPCBN) 3196456 Dec 09-June 2010 Surkhet, Dailekh, Jajarkote and Kalikot district of Bheri hills UNDP
Disaster Mitigation through community approach. 712345 Dec 09-Dec 10 Banke Caritas-Nepal
West Nepal Flood Response/Livelihood Program 2200000 Jan toDec, 2010 Banke Caritas Nepal
Disaster management and climate change impact mitigation project 100000 January- Dec, 2010 Flood affected VDCs of Banke district TAL
Community based Disaster Preparedness Program (CBDP) 10,00000 2010-2011 4 flood prone  VDcs of Banke district Caritas Nepal
Community based Disaster Risk Reduction (CBDRR) 103456 2012-2013 Baijapur and Binauna VDC Caritas Nepal
Empowering Freed Kamaiya and Children through Low Cost Housing Project 3510000 April 2012 to Nov 2012 Manpur-6, Gadwa Action Aid Nepal  
Support Freed Kamaiya Households to Secure their Rights to Safe Shelter through Low Cost Housing Project   4570000 Nov 2012 to July 2013 Saljhundi, Gangaparaspur VDC, Dang district Action Aid Nepal
Livelihood support to Freed Kamaiya families 959000 April 2013 to May 2014 Saljhundi, Gangaparaspur VDC, Dang district Action Aid Nepal
Community Based Disaster Risk and Reduction Project 3925908 June,2017 to September,2018 Banke District CARITAS Nepal
Promoting Inclusive education to Hearing Impairer Children in Kailali District  363392.95 January,2016 to 2016 December Kailali and banke District Action Aid
Nepal Flood Response and Early Recovery Program 7312275 November, 2017 to 2018 October Banke District CARITAS Nepal  
Construction of a Hostel for Deaf Student 11,077,180 15 th June 2017 to 10may 2018 Chisapani , Banke KCF HongKong
Dental Camp Project 28,4,471 February 2017 to July 2018 Banke,Bardiya,Kailali,jajarkot,Dailekh,Doti,Salyan,Dadeldhura and Surkhet . KCF HongKong Dental Camp
Support to flood victim in Banke District 18,30423 January 2017 to January 2018 Raptisonari,Banke KCF Hongkong