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Dr. Bobbie from Beyond the Orphanage Engages with RHERI Children

RHERI children were delighted to play and interact with Dr. Bobbie, a dedicated supporter from Beyond the Orphanage. This unique opportunity allowed our children to not only enjoy shared moments of joy but also learn from the experience of collaborating with foreign experts.

Dr. Bobbie's involvement in the lives of these deaf children at RHERI extends beyond occasional visits. The support and feedback provided by Dr. Bobbie have proven invaluable, guiding us on our journey to provide the best possible care and resources for our children. RHERI extends profound gratitude to Beyond the Orphanage for their ongoing support, recognizing the profound impact their involvement has on our programs and, ultimately, the lives of the children we serve. Together, we create a brighter future, where collaboration, compassion, and learning pave the way for the holistic development of every child.