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RHERI's Impactful Interaction Program with Local Public School Teachers and Staff

In its ongoing commitment to advocate for child rights, RHERI organized a highly impactful interaction program with teachers and staff from local public schools. The aim of this program was to raise awareness about the significance of child rights and empower educators with the knowledge and tools to promote and uphold these rights within their classrooms and beyond.

During the session, a dynamic exchange of ideas and perspectives took place, shedding light on the vital role teachers play in creating a child-friendly environment that fosters optimal teaching and learning experiences. The program highlighted the importance of a child-centered approach, emphasizing the need for inclusive and participatory methods that empower students and nurture their holistic development. By facilitating this interaction, RHERI sought to inspire educators to adopt innovative teaching methodologies that prioritize the well-being, dignity, and rights of every child. The program served as a catalyst for promoting child-friendly practices within the realm of education, encouraging teachers to create nurturing spaces that support the unique needs and potential of each student.