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RHERI actively collaborates with various government and non-governmental agencies and organizations in the areas of environmental conservation, income generation, drinking water and sanitation projects, community health, humanitarian relief, education, human rights, and conflict mediation. Some of our esteemed partners include Action Aid Nepal, NPLAP, Save the Children Norway, UNICEF, NGO Federation, RRN, Human Rights Commission, VDC, DDC, DEO, NFDH, KMTNC, TAL, WWF, KCF, and PLAN Nepal. RHERI is a registered non-profit organization that operates with transparency, conducting annual public audits of its assets and activities. Recognized for its pro-poor focus and innovative working strategy, RHERI has received several awards for its outstanding results. The organization believes in sharing its expertise and experience in community-based work and actively seeks cooperation from agencies, NGOs, donors, the private sector, and civil society organizations interested in making a positive difference in people's lives at the grassroots level.